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Building Loan

We support public housing authorities in the redevelopment of housing stock, energy efficiency and seismic risk reduction projects.

Who is it for?

Independent Public Housing Institutes (IACP) and bodies with the same social aims, which have been set up as companies and meet the European legislation requirements for “in house providing”. The funding is for work carried out on buildings used for public housing, which they own or manage on behalf of municipalities.


How it works

With the Building Loan, we provide your organisation with financial cover for investments that are eligible for the loan. This includes the "Superbonus" and any other works that are essential and/or connected and/or complementary to the projects eligible for the scheme.

The loan, which is guaranteed by the relevant local authority, enables the borrower to transfer the accrued tax credit, from the investments covered by the loan to CDP. Early repayment of part or all of the loan is possible without any indemnity.


How to apply

Send a PEC (certified e-mail)

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