Borgo Figino: social housing makes the CDP Group feel right at home

Borgo Figino: social housing makes the CDP Group feel right at home

CDP Investimenti Sgr has managed the Milan project with great success: houses, gardens, shared spaces for work and leisure, but also connected shops, play areas for children and care for the elderly (including in summer).

Borgo Figino is a historic social housing project for CDP. Built in 2015, the 321 apartments in the north-west of Milan have become the symbol of how convenient and useful it can be to live in a structure that focuses on people, their needs, their lifestyles and leisure. In a word: global sustainability 365 days a year, including summer.

The initiative was developed within the Integrated Funds System, with the contribution of the FIA fund managed by CDP Investimenti Sgr, a CDP Group company that works to promote projects that allow everyone to have access to a range of high-quality, low-cost housing. To give all citizens a real opportunity for a satisfactory private and professional life within a metropolitan environment that otherwise often tends to be excluded from services and to have deteriorating social conditions for those living in peripheral urban areas.

Borgo Figino offers apartments built using environmentally-friendly criteria and equipped with special services such as common rooms where parents and children can play together, but also workshops to repair their bicycles, a park with walking paths, a public square that also contains shops, basketball courts for children and an attractive library where people can read and organise meetings of all kinds. It is a comfortable and lively place in which to create a community.

In addition, it is a day centre specialising in looking after the elderly affected by Alzheimer’s disease, a very useful service that - like all the others - is available to the entire district and not only to the Borgo itself, enhancing the attractiveness of the area: this is the ethos of social housing and is the activity that the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group is leading at national level through the FIA, to guarantee a territorial situation for citizens that is truly consistent with contemporary needs.

The CDP Group’s 2019-2021 Business Plan focuses on local development, investing in economic, industrial and social activities to improve Italy’s future. Urban transformation, support for the housing needs of young people and students, and hospitality for the elderly are themes to which CDP dedicates its resources, while also looking at sustainability objectives: sustainable cities and communities, reduction of inequalities and responsible consumption.