Boeing and SACE SIMEST to train Italian aeronautic sector SMEs

Boeing and SACE SIMEST to train Italian aeronautic sector SMEs

SACE SIMEST participated in Boeing's second Supply Chain Event to strengthen the partnership in support of Italian aeronautical exports

Roma, 3 dicembre 2018

The second edition of Boeing's Supply Chain Event has just ended. The event encompassed  two days of training organised in collaboration with SACE SIMEST for Italian companies supplying the aeronautics sector.

The gathering follows the agreement signed by the companies in 2016 to support Italian aeronautical exports through financing the delivery of new aircraft.

Thanks to the agreement, the CDP Group's export and internationalisation hub is committed to guaranteeing credit lines - worth about 1 billion dollars in 2018 - for the sale of Boeing aircraft, based on supply and subcontracting contracts assigned to Italian companies specialised in aeronautical components.

More than 50 companies from all Italian regions participated in the 2018 edition, where SACE SIMEST illustrated all the insurance-financial instruments available to strengthen their offer and become part of the Boeing supply chain.

SACE CEO Alessandro Decio said, "We are proud to renew our support of Italian SMEs together with Boeing. Alongside them, we supported the sale of 11 airplanes for four different airlines in the last two years. In the aeronautics sector, which is a strategic Made in Italy sector, our companies enjoy excellent positioning in global value chains, with important repercussions for industry both upstream and downstream, and we want to further increase their competitiveness and strong growth potential with this partnership."