Bilancio a 4 Ruote: the automotive changes gear

Bilancio a 4 Ruote: the automotive changes gear

The report produced by CDP and SACE SIMEST to investigate the changes and growth prospects of a key sector for the Italian economy, was presented to the Italian Stock Exchange

Rome February 28, 2019

Change, innovation, technology: these are the key words of "Bilancio a 4Ruote. Cambio di marcia: la filiera dell’automotive di fronte alle sfide del mercato globale" the first automotive study carried out by CDP, SACE SIMEST and ANFIA, in collaboration with AlixPartners.

The report, presented to the Italian Stock Exchange, is a useful tool for analysing the main drivers of change in the sector, with a comparative analysis of the top 50 Italian players' budgets and an overview of the CDP Group's insurance and financial solutions to support growth plans and investments, and to keep up with the market.

The automotive sector is a key link in Italian industry: with a turnover of 93 billion euros - equating to 5.6% of Italian GDP alone - it employs 250,000 people, equal to 7% of the entire manufacturing sector.

Today this sector faces new challenges to maintain a central role in the Italian economy: the shift of production and consumption to the East, the uncertainty of US tariffs and a real technological revolution is affecting various parts of the industry, with impacts on the entire supply chain.

Presenting the report represented an opportunity for dialogue between the sector professionals, called to reflect upon the dynamics of change that are affecting the automotive sector: over 280 representatives of institutions, banks and businesses.

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