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Alternative financing tool and access to the capital market, to support companies intending to carry out growth, innovation and internationalisation projects

The innovative Basket Bond mechanism meets the medium-long term financing needs of companies, to ensure the implementation of the development and investment plans. The mechanism is based on the issue of a security (ABS), guaranteed by a pool of bonds issued by Italian SMEs and Mid-Caps. CDP is involved in these operations in the role of Anchor Investor.

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Who’s it for?

For SMEs and small Mid-Caps who want medium-long term financial resources to support their growth, innovation and internationalisation projects.

How does it work?

ELITE Basket Bond

Thanks to the partnership with the Borsa Italiana’s ELITE platform, CDP supports companies in carrying out their growth projects, through access to the capital market and alternative finance tools. ELITE is dedicated to the most ambitious companies, with solid business models, clear growth strategies and that are interested in knowing all the tools available for financing their future growth.

The securitisation of the minibonds issued by 10 companies belonging to the ELITS platform, for a total of 122 million euros, was completed in December 2017. CDP, which underwrote an investment of 40 million euros – and the European Investment Bank were involved as anchor investors.

Export Basket Bond Programme

Export Basket Bond Programme is the 500 million Euro bond issue programme for supporting the internationalisation of Italian companies. The programme, launched by CDP in collaboration with Banca Finit, provides medium and long-term finance to the companies who belong to the ELITE programme, to support their internationalisation processes.

The innovative mechanism is based on the issue of a security (ABS) guaranteed by a pool of minibonds, issued by Elite Companies and guaranteed by SACE. The amount issued was € 50 million, with CDP acting as anchor investor, with an investment of € 25 million at the first closing.

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