Arbolia: laying down roots for the future

Arbolia: laying down roots for the future

Founded in partnership with Snam, the goal of Arbolia is to contribute to tangible activities to combat climate change and therefore meet the goals of the Assistance and Scientific research Sector in the area “support for emergencies and sustainability”.

Context and partnership

The Arbolia project was developed in response to the goals defined by the United Nations via the 2030 Agenda for global sustainable development which aims to combat climate change and restore the balance between production and development processes and the exploitation of the planet’s resources.

Arbolia is a new benefit corporation set up with the goal of creating new green areas in Italian cities and communities in order to contribute to improving air quality and combating climate change, generating tangible social and economic development opportunities. Founded as part of the partnership between Fondazione CDP and Snam, Arbolia operates at national level to develop and implement projects for the reduction and absorption of CO₂ emissions.

Trees are one of the key elements in the process of combating climate change primarily because of their ability to absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere. In addition, they also make a significant contribution to filtering pollutants, reducing local temperatures, combating hydrogeological instability and regulating water flows.
There are 12 billion trees in Italy today, 35% of which form part of forests. Thanks to the promotion of specific tree planting activities 500,000 or so new trees could be created every year, making a major contribution to enriching biodiversity and improving the habitability and resilience of local areas.


The project

Arbolia plans, promotes and carries out afforestation and reforestation activities on lands made available by public authorities and the private sector thanks to the economic support of parties that wish to contribute to improving the environment.
The company also undertakes to look after and maintain the trees for the first two years, relieving public authorities of having to fund the related costs. In addition, it also provides companies, private parties and institutions with carbon footprint analysis services with the aim of reducing their CO₂ emissions.

The objective is to promote a virtuous dialogue between stakeholders on national topics of interest relating to the development and promotion of forestation activities, make a concrete contribution to combating climate change, improve air quality in our towns and cities, and create social and economic development opportunities for communities, businesses and regions.

Arbolia aims to plant 3 million trees in Italy by 2030, enabling the absorption of around 200,000 tonnes of CO₂ a year to support national forestation.

The company also seeks to cater for the increasing need among businesses to make investments in reducing their carbon footprint and the growing interest of citizens in environmental sustainability initiatives.

The issue of the sustainable development, resilience and equilibrium of our urban ecosystems is crucial to the future of the country. For this reason, Fondazione CDP has decided to promote the Arbolia project, so the younger generations can reap what we have had the foresight to sew in the present.

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