Ansaldo Energia makes an encore in South Africa

Ansaldo Energia makes an encore in South Africa

The CDP Group subsidiary builds a new power plant as part of "Peakers Project"

Rome, 26 September 2016

After the construction of a Dedisa, in the Port Elizabeth area, the consortium formed by Ansaldo Energia -  a Cassa depositi e prestiti Group subsidiary,  and Fata –  a Danieli Group company specializing in the design of industrial plants,  has completed the construction of a second plant electricity power plant, Avon, in Durban. The two companies were assigned the tender for the construction of two power plants, under the "peakers Project" promoted by the South African Department of Energy, the country’s energy ministry. The Avon plant power generation is fitted with four gas turbines running on fuel oil, twice as many as those at Dedisa. 

The project demonstrates the Ansaldo Energia’s commitment to the promotion and development of international projects, with a focus on business growth and welfare for the country concerned. A new success in the Group’s operational logic: Expand Italian activities on the global market in technological and industrial competition of the highest level.

Both are open cycle configuration and fired using fuel oil. In addition to the quality and technology of the products supplied, key factors in the successful construction of the plants were the Consortium’s ability to manage the South African construction companies involved, and its special focus on local communities and environmental impact, both very important issues in South Africa.