Ansaldo Energia: A new plant and 80 million euros from the Eib

The company, 45% owned by CDP Group, opened new plant in Genoa and sets its sights on research projects with Juncker Plan financing

Rome, 3 January 2017

Ansaldo Energia, 45% owned by CDP Group through its CDP Equity subsidiary, continues to expand with a plan for a new plant in Genoa where together with Chinese multinational stakeholder Shangai Electric it will complete the assembly of gas turbines.

The 65 million-euro investment underlines the importance of the project and concentrates on new manufacturing capacity in Genoa, helping sustain the fabric of Italian manufacturing.

The plant’s inauguration in Genoa’s Cornigliano neighborhood is aligned with Ansaldo Energia’s expansion, reaffirmed by 80 million euros in European Investment Bank financing through Junker Plan funds to help Italian businesses. The financing will sustain research & development projects in Genoa in during the 2016-2019 period.