Alice in Wonderland comes to the world of CDP

Alice in Wonderland comes to the world of CDP

World premiere for the new multimedia experience housed in the former barracks Guido Reni in Rome. A journey through sounds and hi-tech projections in a property under urban renewal

Rome, December 7, 2016

After the Outdoor 2016 Festival, the former Guido Reni barracks hosts another great initiative that combines technology and culture. The premiere of the Adventures of Alice multimedia show in which images and sounds merge to return to the viewer history of Lewis Carroll in a completely innovative way. From 8 December until 19 March 2017 the building owned by CDP Investimenti Sgr (CDP Group) in Rome’s Flaminio neighborhood becomes the location for an experience that immerses visitors in an alternate reality of sound, color, and high definition images.

The project was produced by Ninetynine and GRANDE Exhibitions, the same companies that brought us the Van Gogh Alive show, hosted at the Palazzo degli Esami until next March 26, and sponsored in part by CDP Group. Adventures of Alice is brought to live with Sensory 4 technology, the same used for the exhibition dedicated to the Dutch painter: a unique multimedia system, developed by GRANDE Exhibitions, where 40 projectors are used to  fill the senses with multi-channel motion graphics, cinema-quality surround sound, and detailed images.

Check the video of "The Adventures of Alice"

The journey transforms viewers from passive spectator to active participant. Six areas account for a 45-minute narrative given by British actor Sir. John Gielgud.

The Adventures of Alice unites art and technology, culture and innovation, which is essential to create engaging projects that can restore the great literary tradition in an imaginative and immersive form.

The former barracks Guido Reni, part of an urban renewal process, has become a new space for original initiatives, testimony to CDP Group's focus on innovation and  sustainable growth.