A sustainable development pact between CDP and Confindustria Energy

A sustainable development pact between CDP and Confindustria Energy

New synergies to promote the growth of a crucial economic and employment production sector for Italy

A pact to promote all the initiatives necessary to support the energy transition and the sustainable development of Italian companies operating in the energy sector. This was the idea behind the organisational agreement signed between Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Confindustria’s Energy sector Federation of Associations.

CDP's work in the area will be guided by Industrial reconversion, skills transformation, research and technological innovation, in line with the Group's historic commitment to foster the growth and development of the Italy’s companies.

Specifically, the agreement signed with Confindustria Energy will enable new synergies to be put in place to promote the growth of this production sector, which is crucial from an economic and employment point of view.

It is a strategic lever for a future where development models will be increasingly focussed on a circular economy and recycling based system, in line with the 2030 climate and energy targets promoted by the European Union.

Through the agreement with Confindustria, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti’s constant commitment to support the search for new low environmental impact production methods, the adoption of alternative and renewable energy sources and infrastructure efficiency will be backed by a tool that contributes to the realisation of strategic and sustainable investments, with encouraging prospects for Italy and its productive and industrial fabric.