A successful model for schools of the future in Florence

A successful model for schools of the future in Florence

State-of-the-art redevelopment for the new “Meucci” school complex in Florence.

Itis Meucci-Galilei: a model for the schools of the future in Florence. A project made possible with the support and advice of CDP

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti finances one school a day and this is really a triumph for the Group. Contributing, financially but also in terms of technical advice, to the improvement of school buildings means spending money on educating new generations and thereby making each student better prepared, equipped and readier to enter the world of work.

This ambitious project, which remains a pillar of CDP's Business Plan, has been made possible over the years thanks in part to the use of funds from the European Investment Bank and the Council of Europe Development Bank. These funds have been pooled with those of CDP raised through the Social Bond issued in March 2019 for the financing of school safety and urban regeneration projects.

The Meucci-Galilei school complex in Florence, a technical institute with 2,000 students, fits into this strategy. The current campus will be demolished and the Metropolitan City of Florence has drawn up a plan to build four new buildings to meet the most advanced criteria of energy sustainability and education.

Going further than traditional face-to-face teaching, ad hoc spaces for individual learning activities will be set up. The classroom as a physical space, which until now has always been the heart of lessons, will be replaced by open and interactive spaces.

Inclusivity, a core value for schools and learning more generally, requires a change not only in the subject area but also in the structure of buildings. Consequently, cutting-edge architectural solutions and sustainable technologies are needed.

This is why CDP's commitment in Florence went beyond financing the work. The management of the Metropolitan City's building department relied on the advisory services of the CDP Group, which provided a technical and legal structure.

The new Itis Meucci-Galilei is intended to serve as a guiding example for all future schools built by the Metropolitan City of Florence and reaffirms the CDP Group's commitment to supporting human capital and communities.

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