A new hospital hub in Novara

A new hospital hub in Novara

Together with the Piedmont Region to found the City of Health and Science

With its future City of Health and Science – planned by the Piedmont Region and now close to completion, thanks in part to the support of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti – Novara is destined to become one of the hubs of the new Piedmontese healthcare system.

In general, the reorganisation of the Piedmontese healthcare system has two priority aims, a substantial reduction in the workload currently placed on hospitals and the setting up of an extensive network throughout the region for patient care and treatment. These objectives proved even more urgent with the onset of the pandemic. The experience gained has highlighted the need for major investments in the healthcare system, aimed at upgrading facilities and raising the standards of services offered.

The hospital in Novara has more than 700 beds with 165,000 square metres of floor space, plus facilities for research and teaching. The clinical centre is linked to the University of Eastern Piedmont, whose departments of Translational Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science and Health are based in the city. The cultural and historical significance of the Ospedale Maggiore should not be underestimated. Founded in the 11th century, renovated and extended several times, it is still an important landmark in the old town with its buildings, some of which date back to the mid-17th century.

The Piemonte Region turned to CDP to act as advisor to the transaction in relation to certain economic and financial matters, the allocation of risks between the public and private sectors and bankability, based on the memorandum of understanding signed in December 2019.

With the awarding of the tender and start up of the construction sites, the institutions involved intend to complete the work within five years. This means completing the structure and handing it over to the hospital by 2026.

For CDP, the transaction, in line with its 2019-2021 Business Plan, is an opportunity to strengthen its role as advisor on social infrastructure, helping to support the Public Administration in structuring projects developed according to ethical PPP models.

During this phase above all, the Group has increased its commitment to support the development of strategic infrastructure, such as hospitals, providing both technical and financial assistance to accelerate the implementation of investments that are particularly important to overcome the country's pandemic-related difficulties.

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