A greener and more innovative Saviola with CDP

A greener and more innovative Saviola with CDP

€30 million loan signed for the construction of more efficient and sustainable production plants in Italy. The transaction will have a positive impact on the creation of new jobs


Cassa Depositi e Prestiti has signed a €30 million loan agreement to support the Saviola Group, which produces chipboard panels made from recycled wood. The funds will be used for investments in research and innovation in Italy.    

In particular, the CDP funds will be used to cover part of the financial needs of the Saviola Group to modernise and expand the production capacity of its plants, while reducing energy consumption through the use of more sustainable and advanced technologies, creating new jobs and promoting the circular economy. 

The transaction is in line with the intervention priorities identified in CDP’s 2022-2024 Plan and more specifically, with the Guidelines on support for the energy transition, the circular economy and strategic supply chains, and is aimed at a company that is heavily involved in promoting innovation in recycling and reuse chains and aims to consolidate its competitive position at national and European level.

Present in more than 60 countries, with 15 production plants and around 2,000 employees, the Saviola Group is one of the main national and international players in the production of chipboard panels. It designs and manufactures according to the logic of the circular economy, operating in a vertically integrated way, from the production of the resins used in the production process of the panels to the ready-to-install products. It is the only operator to use only recycled wood in its chipboard production qualified as an Eco-Ethical Company certified FSC® 100% Recycled.