#EarthDay, CDP publishes its third integrated sustainability report

#EarthDay, CDP publishes its third integrated sustainability report

70% of resources committed to sustainable development goals thanks to our levers: people, stakeholders and financial resources.

April 22 is World Earth Day: the largest environmental event on the planet is organised by the United Nations to highlight the need for us to protect natural resources.

The event coincides with the day we publish our third integrated sustainability report, which provides a summary of the CDP Group's path to generating value across local areas. The report’s key findings show how the Group is growing its positive impacts on Italy’s economic and infrastructure fabric, with an ever-increasing focus on sustainable, equitable and diversity-driven development.

70% of total committed resources (€20 billion from a total of €30.6 billion) were allocated to achieving the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, with an impact on Italian GDP equal to 1.7% of the total and approximately 470,000 jobs created. This was due to three key levers of the Group: people, stakeholders and financial resources.

For the first time, resources were reported according to the four challenges identified by our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan: inclusive and sustainable growth, climate change and ecosystem protection, digitisation and innovation and rethinking supply chains.

To learn more about our approach to sustainability, visit the dedicated section.