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Kyoto Fund 5

We provide subsidised loans (Kyoto Fund 5) for energy and water efficiency projects in public education buildings - from nurseries to universities and for public buildings for specialised training in arts, music and dance, sports facilities and healthcare.

Who is it for?

Public entities and closed real estate funds

How it works

  • Budget: 200 million euros are available, 180 for works requested by public entities and 20 for investment projects proposed by closed real estate funds
  • Maximum duration: 20 years
  • Rates: The loans have a fixed nominal annual rate of 0.25%.

A specific Inter-ministerial Decree (No. 65 of 11 February 2021 - G.U. General Series No. 98 of 24 April 2021) of the Minister of Ecological Transition (MiTE) and the Minister of Economy and Finance, in agreement with the Minister of Economic Development, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Universities and Research, defined the guidelines and application rules for the use of the resources.

How to apply?

As specified in the MiTE Notice, applications for access to subsidised loans may be submitted as of 10 March 2022, exclusively through the software application made available by CDP.
The deadline for submitting applications is 31 July 2022.

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