CDP promotes D20-LTIC summit: long-term investors for infrastructure and sustainability

CDP promotes D20-LTIC summit: long-term investors for infrastructure and sustainability

Focus on the importance of mobilizing public and private resources to promote a sustainable, post Covid-19, growth

To respond to the demand for long-term investment in infrastructure (TLC, transport, energy), innovation and sustainability in advanced and developing countries. This is the aim of the D20 - Long Term Investors Club (LTIC) - founded in 2009 by CDP together with the French (CDC), German (KfW) and EIB banks and consisting of 21 financial institutions and institutional investors from four continents. LTIC held its annual summit in Rome on 24 September, as part of the events of the Italian G20 Presidency.

CDP was the host institution of the event, which was an important opportunity for discussion, dialogue and reflection on key economic and social issues, in the presence of leading representatives of Italian and international institutions. There were speeches by, among others, the President of the European Investment Bank and the D20, Werner Hoyer, OECD Secretary General Mathias Cormanndel, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, CDP Chairman and CEO Giovanni Gorno Tempini and Dario Scannapieco, Macquarie Group CEO and Managing Director Shemara Wikramanayake, and Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Minister of Finance of Indonesia, the country that will host next year's D20-LTIC summit. In the various public sessions on 24 September, speakers included Daniele Franco, Minister for the Economy and Finance; Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility; Roberto Cingolani, Minister for Ecological Transition; Emma Marcegaglia, President of the B20; and Francesco Profumo, President of the T20 Infrastructure Task Force.

D20-LTIC, coordinated by CDP, approved the D20 Statement 2021, the main document with which the Long-Term Investors Club will make a concrete contribution to the conclusions of the next G20 Finance Ministerial Meeting. This document offers a series of ideas and recommendations to increase the opportunities for investment and co-investment in sustainable infrastructure by National Promotional Institutions (such as CDP and its counterparts), Multilateral Banks (such as the EIB) private investors.

CDP's involvement in D20-LTIC already led on 3 June to the first edition of the G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue: Financing Sustainable Infrastructure for the Recovery, promoted by the Italian G20 Presidency in association with D20 and OECD. The event marked the first time the G20 Presidency recognised D20-LTIC as a key counterpart representing financial institutions on long-term infrastructure investments. On that occasion, the Italian G20 Presidency and CDP hoped that the structured dialogue between public authorities, long-term investors and the private sector could be further developed by future G20 Presidencies – a commitment already confirmed by the upcoming Indonesian Presidency.


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