9 May | Europe Day

9 May | Europe Day

On 9th May 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman unveiled the proposal to form the European Coal and Steel Community, aimed at securing long-lasting stability. Since then, this Community has evolved into the European Union, comprising 27 member states today, and 9th May has been designated as the day to celebrate peace and the cohesion of Europe. 

CDP in Europe

By engaging in continuous dialogue with EU institutions and other National Promotion Institutes (NPIs), the CDP Group advances integration and collaboration across the continent. 

For this reason, we established a new office in Brussels, in collaboration with subsidiaries and other NPIs such as the French CDC, the Polish BGK, the Spanish ICO, the Dutch InvestNL and the German KfW.

Our collaboration with these institutions extends to various initiatives, including the Joint European Financiers for International Cooperation (JEFIC), aimed at supporting developing nations, and the European Long Term Investors Association (ELTI), where our CEO Dario Scannapieco has been elected as Chairman.

Our robust positioning means that we are strategically positioned to enhance the Country System's alliances with Europe and attract resources to support Italian companies and General Government.

Leading the way, we were the first to sign agreements with the Commission under the InvestEU programme, unlocking 2 billion euros in investments to bolster enterprises, startups, social infrastructure, and advisory services. This achievement positions us as the leading National Promotional Institution in Europe in terms of resources secured.

In addition to this, there are funds from the Connecting Europe Facility programme, which targets the advancement of green and digital transitions in European networks within the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors.

We engage in activities with the EU Commission beyond the EU borders through initiatives like the Western Balkans Investment Framework, aimed at fostering SME growth in the Western Balkans, and Archipelagos, supporting African companies.

Through partnerships with the European Bank and the European Investment Fund, we've finalised multiple agreements to support SMEs in research, innovation and green transition initiatives, while also promoting sustainable mobility and energy efficiency measures for local authorities. As a result of this collaboration, operations totaling 13 billion euros have been finalised in the past two years, resulting in significant impacts across Italy.