2X Challenge : a success to make women grow

2X Challenge : a success to make women grow

The initial target has been met US$4.5 billion mobilised.

Entering its final half-year is the initiative entitled 2X Challenge, launched in 2018 by Development Finance Institutions of the G7 countries at the Charlevoix summit in Canada for gender empowerment projects

2X Challenge, of which CDP - Italian Financial Institution for International Development Cooperation since 2016 - is a founding member, has exceeded the initial target of US$3 billion and has managed to mobilise US$4.5 billion.

The initiative aims to strengthen, including through the involvement of private investors, the role of women and female entrepreneurs in developing countries, with their increasingly active involvement in the economic world.

“An important milestone in gender-smart investing, an impulse to pursue the path towards a sustainable and inclusive future with ambition, confirming our commitment to the promotion of gender equality and strengthening our global partnership with the Development Finance Institutions,” said Antonella Baldino, Director CDP International Development Cooperation

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