2017 Awards of Distinction: SIMEST scholarship on its way

The CDP Group Company has confirmed its participation in the initiative promoted by the Leonardo Committee. 3,000 Euros will be awarded for the best dissertation on the internationalisation of "Made in Italy"

Rome, 1 August 2017

SIMEST, the export and internationalisation hub of the CDP Group and SACE, has confirmed its commitment to promoting young talent, by participating, for the eighth year running, in the Awards of Distinction initiative promoted by the Leonardo Committee.

The company will offer 3,000 Euros to the writer of the best dissertation on "Italian companies and international markets. Financing the 'Italy system' in order to develop competitiveness" and the matters connected to corporate internationalisation strategies. By participating in the 2017 Awards of Distinction, SIMEST supports the Leonardo Committee in its promotion of Italy, highlighting the entrepreneurship, artistic creativity, refinement and culture reflected in Made-in-Italy products.

Originality, level of analysis, empirical methodology - these are just some of the aspects which will be assessed in order to come to the final decision.

By participating in the Leonardo Committee's Awards of Distinction, the CDP Group has confirmed it is supporting young talent, tomorrow's driving force, and thus #wepromotethefuture.