200 million euros for 2,000 housing units: social housing conquers Rome

CDP Group promotes the construction of social housing and shared spaces


Rome, July 13 2016

Social Housing arrives in Rome, with the  Cooperative Housing Fund, the first of the three investment platforms from CDP Investimenti Sgr on behalf of the FIA ​​(Investment Facility for Living). The three projects aim to construct 2,000 housing units, an investment that costs around 200 million euros.

Specifically, the real estate fund Housing Cooperativo di Roma, is aimed at the construction of lower-than-market-rate apartments with a high rate of public services. The investment platform is carried out in partnership with local cooperatives belonging to Legacoop and helps solidify a collaboration already active active in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia. The Cooperative Housing Fund later this year will follow two other initiatives: the redevelopment of Santa Palomba and the recovery plan of Muratella.

This long-term project in Rome demonstrates that CDP Group intends to pursue one of the values ​​of its mission: to increase the construction of social housing on the Italian territory, at affordable cost, high quality of services and shared spaces.