10-11 October: two audit days, uniting Europe and Italy

10-11 October: two audit days, uniting Europe and Italy

After meeting in Paris, the CDP, ICO, Bpifrance, KfW and BGK Audit Workshop returns to explore growth opportunities, share best practice and discuss synergies between control functions. CDP Chairman Massimo Tononi opened proceedings underlining the importance of working in coordination and collaboration

Rome 12 October 2018

Collaboration, synergy, and innovation are the key words of the workshop dedicated to internal auditors working in National Promotion Institutes (NPIs), which was hosted in Rome following last year’s meeting in Paris .

The auditors from CDP, KfW, Bpifrance, BGK, ICO who spent two days engaged in dialogue and working together to identify shared solutions, face future challenges together. There are numerous interesting challenges today because we live in a world moving at the speed of digitization, pervaded by the power of technology and artificial intelligence. European NPI internal auditors are meeting the challenges of this new scenario by implementing a series of innovative activities to ensure constant control over company processes, in line with new International Internal Audit Standards guidelines.

At the core of these directives is  above all an invitation to improve the capabilities of business areas with the responsibility to oversee and control activities - risk management, compliance and audit - to work together in an efficient and coordinated way, which guarantees complete control and adresses new risks, as CDP’s Chairman Massimo Tononi  highlighted in the opening address.

Meetings such as the Audit Workshop are an ideal opportunity to grow together and embark on a path of synergy, identifying common innovative solutions to boost our know-how and add value to  our everyday work.