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We promote economic, financial and industrial culture through our publications and our thematic insights

Research is conducted in order to produce in-depth studies of the economy, industry, the market and legislation, with a view to the operations and growth prospects of CDP.

Latest publications

Innovation & Hospitality: boosting Italian tourism competitiveness.
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Adapt to compete: what challenges for the "North-East Model"?
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Lights and shadows of urban mobility in Italy: starting from public transport.
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The recovery of industrial production in Italy: end of recession or replenishment of stocks?
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Sector Research

“Studio di Settore” is a publication series dedicated to network infrastructure, regulated services and key economic sectors of strategic interest to the country and in relation to CDP Group operations

Monographic Reports

Analysis of specific topics of current and future interest: Social Housing, Financial instruments for business development, Smart cities

CDP Notebooks

“Quaderni CDP” is a series of publications focusing on the tools used by CDP in its work and on the analysis of different scenarios

Local Finance

Editorial series dedicated to the analysis of phenomena related to local finance and the development and management of public services in order to contribute to the debate among administrators and policy makers and to promote effective and efficient sector operations.

Other Research

Studies and research conducted independently or in partnership with external bodies on European SMEs and local finance