Rethinking value chains

The development of modern, resilient and sustainable value chains is one of Italy’s strategic priorities, above all in a scenario characterised by geopolitical tensions and the effects of the pandemic.

In this context, CDP invests in three different action areas: strategic supply chains, transport and logistics nodes, international development cooperation.

In strategic supply chains, the CDP Group, through an integrated offering of financing, advisory and equity services, supports the growth in size and the positioning of enterprises in the market segments with the highest added value and the development of exports and internationalisation, also through SIMEST operations.

In 2022, for example, the first loans linked to sustainability objectives were introduced – such as the one granted to the Pietro Fiorentini Group which provides for a reduction in the cost of financing linked to an increase in employment levels – and the first ESG Basket Bond was launched, intended to finance Italian SMEs and Mid-Caps.

On the subject of transport and logistic nodes, moreover, the subject of networks, sustainable mobility and local public transport are of particular importance, both with direct financing and with advisory activities. Among the 2022 initiatives, we recall the 40 million loan to FER, the Emilia-Romagna Region company that manages all the more than 300 kilometres of the regional railway network and the 50 million loan for the modernisation and reduction in environmental impact of the La Spezia port area.

The challenge also includes commitment to an increasingly sustainable supply chain, with 94% of local suppliers and 100% of new suppliers assessed using social criteria.

Lastly, since 2014 the CDP Group, as the Italian financial institution for development cooperation, has been promoting initiatives in developing countries with coordinated action at national and international level, with the aim of contributing substantially to the fight against climate change and to sustainable growth in partner countries.