Principi di Corporate Governance e Investimento Responsabile | CDP

Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment Principles

Our strategic role of helping the Italian economy growth is fundamental to imagine the country’s future. For this reason we have clear standards of conducts and behavior with  a special focus on social responsibility

Through the publication of these Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment Principles, CDP aims to foster its degree of transparency and, as reference long-term investor for several invested companies, to better align with international best market practices.

These Principles are designed to inform stakeholders (including invested companies and institutional investors) about the corporate governance and social responsibility practices CDP encourages and, consequently, the drivers followed by CDP in exercising its voting rights in invested companies.

The Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment Principles concern the following topics:

  •     Shareholders responsibility and rights
  •     Corporate Governance Structure
  •     Remuneration
  •     Reporting, accounts and audit
  •     Sustainable Business Practices
  •     Engagement and Communication

However CDP operates in a fluid context, with a number of changing factors to be considered. Therefore, the Principles set out hereunder will be applied with a pragmatic and flexible approach and will be reviewed periodically to best reflect regulatory developments, evolving market practices and any other relevant improvement deriving from the experience from time to time accrued by CDP.

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