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The Group pursues the sustainable development goals through responsible management of financial capital, investing locally in tangible projects capable of generating value for the community.

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Postal Funding

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2022 Sustainability Bond


Sustainability-Linked Repo

Data from latest Integrated Report


The resources we use to pursue our mission derive from three main sources of funding: postal funding, funds from bonds and other funding.


Postal Funding: Postal Savings Bonds and Postal Savings Passbook

The primary source of funding for our Group, postal savings are the second most widespread form of savings in Italy and a product guaranteed by the Italian Republic which, in addition to its economic value, embodies a high ethical value. Through postal bonds and passbook, we finance the development projects of institutions, companies and individuals, promoting the growth of the national economy, well-being and resources.


Bond Funding

CDP is present on the financial markets through medium/long-term bond issue programmes and short-term financial bills placed with institutional investors, as well as in a bond issue programme reserved for retail savers residing in Italy.

We have established ourselves as a leading sustainable issuer by offering products such as Social Bonds and Sustainability Bonds, and from 2023 also Green Bonds, in support of green and social initiatives, including energy and water efficiency, renewable energy, social infrastructure and the international growth of Italian enterprises.  In 2022 we launched an innovative funding instrument, unique in Europe, the Sustainability-Linked Repo. The financial terms of the instrument’s transaction depend on the attainment of measurable sustainability targets for specific environmental, social and governance performance according to specialised ESG rating agencies.


Social Bond

We continue to issue our Social Bonds in support of enterprises (mainly in Southern Italy), to foster local growth and social cohesion. These bond issues confirm CDP as a leader in sustainable finance and the main Italian issuer of social bonds.

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