Digitalisation and innovation

Innovation and digitalisation are a fundamental driver in accelerating the country’s sustainable development.

CDP plays a strategic role in these issues through three lines of action, according to the criteria of
additionality and complementarity:

  • supporting Public Administrations in digital transformation processes, for example with the creation of the National Strategic Hub which will lead 75% of administrations to use cloud services by 2026,
  • helping enterprises in the development and adoption of innovative technologies and investing in high-tech companies;
  • strengthening the innovation ecosystem through venture capital commitment, as majority shareholder of CDP Venture Capital SGR through CDP Equity

Many instruments are used in the area of enterprises: direct and indirect equity investments, traditional financing and financing brokered by the banking system as well as alternative finance instruments such as diversified funds and basket bonds.

The Group also promotes innovation and digital transformation internally, with particular attention to cyber security and data security.

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