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Diversified Credit Fund Initiatives

October SME IV

Investment of €20 million in the October SME IV Diversified Credit Fund to support Italian SMEs. October SME IV is a long-term European investment fund that finances itself by issuing Notes and grants financing to SMEs and Small-Mid Caps with registered and/or operational headquarters in Italy, as well as in other EU countries where the October Group operates through its digital lending platform. The Fund has a target fund size of €250 million and expects to finance more than 500 companies.
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Ver Capital Partners SME's VII Fund

Investment of €30 million in the Ver Capital Partners SME's VII Diversified Credit Fund to support Italian SMEs. The Ver Capital Fund operates through investments principally in Senior Loans/Bonds issued mainly by SMEs and Small Mid Caps with registered offices, headquarters and/or operations in Italy. Investments will be directed mainly towards companies with a turnover of between €10 and €90 million. The funding target of the fund is €200 million, with the aim of financing more than 50 companies with an average ticket amount of between €3 and €4 million.
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Anthilia BIT III

Investment of €40 million in the Anthilia BIT III Alternative Investment Fund to support Italian SMEs and Small-Mid Caps. The fund operates by investing mainly in debt instruments issued by Italian SMEs. The Fund has a target fund size of €300 million and with the aim to finance at least 35-45 companies.
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HI CrescItalia SME

HI CrescItalia SME Fund specialises in medium- to long-term financing for small and medium-sized Italian companies and aims to build a diversified portfolio of companies with strong management skills, an adequate balance sheet structure and an effective governance system. The main feature of the fund is the presence, for the subscribed minibonds and loans granted, of the guarantee issued by the Central Guarantee Fund for SMEs for an amount equal to 85% of the capital invested.
The Fund, which saw the participation of CDP and FEI as institutional investors with an investment of €20 million each, raised around €91 million.
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Muzinich (formerly Springrowth)

The initiative promoted by Springrowth SGR (acquired in 2018 by Muzinich & Co.) is characterised by two features that make it unique in the Italian financial landscape: the adoption of a cooperative scheme that is fully complementary to the banking system for origination and financing activities, the high diversification and granularity of investments.

The objective of the Fund is to raise 500 million euros, a target of at least 100 companies and a potential funding volume of up to €1.5 billion, thanks to the possibility of reinvesting the loans repaid by companies and the collaboration model set up with the banking system.

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