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Education and Social Inclusion

Fondazione CDP

We invest in training human capital, with a particular focus on the younger generation, in areas which drive Italy’s growth and are strategic for the country’s future, such as STEM, digital education, financial management and legality.

We implement and support programmes to develop and map innovative skills in the professional field. We promote growth pathways and projects to bridge the gap between skills supply and demand, promote entry and redeployment in the world of work and combat educational and training inequalities.

The area of Education and Social Inclusion is broken down into the following Action Lines, which set up projects for:

  • Combatting education poverty and early school leaving
  • Incentivising the training of high-quality human capital
  • Promoting STEM education
  • Strengthening digital education
  • Promoting active citizenship
  • Supporting savings and financial management education
  • Reducing the gap between job supply and demand

Our projects

Discover the projects and activities in the area of Education and Social Inclusion