Fondazione CDP per il Patrimonio culturale italiano | CDP


Fondazione CDP

Supporting and working together with Italy’s main cultural institutions, we promote projects to improve the country’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage and its reputation of excellence across the world. We support the organisation and management of exhibition projects, competitions and residencies for young artists.

We strengthen the CDP Group's historical, artistic, archival and real estate heritage and help people – especially younger generations – to learn and understand more about the values of business culture.

The Culture area is broken down into the following Action Lines, which set up projects for:

  • Promoting the establishment of places to improve people’s awareness and provide education on business culture and the country’s industrial history
  • Improving Italian cultural and artistic excellence through targeted partnerships
  • Strengthening CDP's artistic, archival and real-estate heritage
  • Promoting culture as a tool for urban regeneration in support of social inclusion projects
  • Supporting and promoting artistic production through awards and competitions