Analisi, studi e ricerche della Fondazione CDP | CDP

Analysis, Studies and Research

Fondazione CDP

We promote analysis, studies and research in the sectors of greatest relevance or strategic interest for the country’s socio-economic development, in collaboration with institutions, universities, research centres, think tanks and other leading players in the field of research, innovation and sustainability, both at a national and international level.

We support the implementation of research projects and analytical studies by young talent, fostering the growth of high-quality human capital, deepening scientific and cultural understanding of strategic issues and encouraging public debate in these areas.

The area of Analysis, Studies and Research is broken down into the following Action Lines, which set up projects for:

  • Promoting research projects in areas of strategic importance for the country's development
  • Launching partnerships and collaborations with leading institutions and research centres
  • Supporting the research activities of young talent and high-quality human capital
  • Promoting scientific and cultural education and promoting debate on issues of particular relevance for the country’s future

Our projects

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