Historical milestones


Establishment of Fintecna, with the purpose of restructuring relaunched assets and/or managing the activities related to the liquidation process of Iritecna S.p.A..


Incorporation of IRI, in liquidation with the remaining assets, providing the company a leading role in major companies operating in the national industrial landscape.


Separated portfolios of the former EFIM, IGED and SIR transferred to Fintecna, in order to manage their liquidation.


CDP acquires Fintecna from MEF, leading to refocusing and specialisation of Fintecna’s business in the liquidation segment.


Public Administration support role provided for by law, enabling Fintecna to carry out the complex activities required for rationalisation of the equity investment portfolio of public entities.


Reorganisation of the CDP Group's Real Estate division, identifying Fintecna as the centre of competence for the provision of real estate services and management of sales processes.