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We make it possible for your company to obtain liquid assets and optimise cash flow management

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Who it is aimed at

Companies of all sizes.

How this works

With factoring you can obtain liquidity by selling the trade receivables accrued with one or more debtors. You can maintain or transfer the risk of insolvency, collect the nominal value of the receivable on the expiry date and entrust us with the recovery of uncollected receivables. You can free up financial resources for your business and have concrete support in the administrative management throughout the entire credit cycle. With reverse factoring you can enable your supplier companies to sell their receivables and receive up to 100% of trade receivables. Reverse factoring agreements support the production chain, optimising payment flows and facilitating access to credit with advantageous conditions. With trade finance you can offer your foreign clients competitive payment extensions, protecting your company from the risk of non-collection, and get immediate liquidity through the non-recourse assignment of insured receivables.

Who it is aimed at

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