Etica: i valori del Gruppo CDP | CDP


The values of the CDP Group 

The Cassa depositi e prestiti Group has a strongly rooted value system, which is adhered to by all those who work for the Group companies, or in their interests. The mission of CDP and its subsidiaries is the social and economic development of the country, following sustainability criteria, with a long-term perspective that benefits the community.

The Code of Ethics is the document that clearly defines the set of principles and values that CDP, and the companies it manages and coordinates, recognise, accept and share, outlining the set of responsibilities that each person assumes when acting for the Group.

The principles of legality, transparency and respect are the basis of CDP’s activities, an institution that has always been active in financing the development of the country and is now committed to building harmonious and sustainable growth according to the UN Agenda 2030 objectives.

CDP acts in compliance with the legislation and all the regulations in force in the regions it operates in, as well as the Code of Ethics and company procedures, applying them with integrity and fairness. Under no circumstances are violations of the regulations or the Code of Ethics tolerated.

The CDP Group is committed to sustainable development, to benefit the communities and regions in which it operates, in Italy and around the world. All the Group companies have the objective of managing their social and environmental impact with increasing efficiency, carefully evaluating investments, customers and suppliers and reorganising their daily operations.

Responsibility and courage
The CDP Group companies act with awareness of their role in serving the country, focusing on teamwork, listening skills and discussion with stakeholders. The wealth of knowledge gained is a distinctive factor when promoting strategic initiatives and a fundamental help when managing difficult challenges, in the interest of the community, with courage and responsibility.

Transparency and confidentiality
CDP undertakes to maintain transparent and complete communications with its stakeholders on economic and managerial issues, without favouring interest groups or individuals. The confidentiality and protection of information and treatment of personal data acquired is ensured.

Impartiality and personal development
CDP avoids all forms of discrimination in its relations with stakeholders and in internal relations. Daily management and operations are inspired by applying principles of equal opportunity, respect for physical safety and moral and cultural integrity. The work environment is dynamic, inspired by the motivation and involvement in the institutional mission, prioritising teamwork, favouring the acquisition of new skills, recognising and rewarding the contribution of each individual.