Required Declaration - Outcome


On the basis of the statements provided, you do not meet the necessary requirements for accessing the selected Documentation relating to the Offer.

We remind you in fact that the Bonds have not been and will not be registered under the United States Security Act of 1933, as amended, or under any financial regulation in each of the States of the United States of America or under the corresponding regulations in force in Canada, Japan, Australia or in any other country in which the offer, invitation to offer or promotional activity relating to financial instruments is not permitted without specific exemptions or authorization from the competent authorities (hereinafter the "Other Countries").

Neither the US Securities and Exchange Commission or any other supervisory authority of the United States or Canada, Japan, Australia or any of the Other Countries has approved or denied the approval of the Issue and/or the Offer of the Bonds or has expressed its opinion on accuracy or inaccuracy of the Prospectus.

This Offer is made exclusively in Italy, with the consequent exclusion of any other market.
This Offer is not being made in the United States or to any US citizen or person resident in the United States or taxable person in the United States and the Documentation relating to the Offer may not be distributed in the United States.