Dialogue with stakeholders

Our actions to support sustainable growth and the economic and social development of Italy are based on transparency and ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders. This starts with widespread interaction with local areas throughout the country.


multi-stakeholder forum with over 320 participants

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in Moody's ESG rating (67/100)


local offices to strengthen our presence throughout Italy

Data from latest integrated report


Our stakeholders


60% of stakeholders believe that the relationship with the Group has contributed significantly to creating long-term shared value*

Collaboration with our stakeholders and with society at large is key to honing our strategy more effectively.

With this in mind, we value our stakeholders’ participation in establishing our strategic priorities.
The success of our business model, which collects resources from local areas in order to return them in the form of economic, social and environmental value, depends on constant and constructive dialogue to understand the needs of those local areas and their communities.

At an operational level, opportunities for stakeholder engagement come in part from corporate initiatives and in part from requests from the stakeholders themselves. External stakeholder engagement activities are supervised and managed by the operating areas of Group companies, in close coordination with the Parent Company's "Institutional Relationships" and “Sustainability and Artistic and Cultural Heritage” areas.

* Results from 2022 survey on transparency in our relationships with stakeholders


Transparency and dialogue

We know that our commitment to sustainability can only take material form through a shared path, and not through acting in isolation. Our actions only add real value to the challenges we want to tackle if they capture the interests and expectations of all our stakeholders, starting with our own ambitions. For this reason, an ever-present and key plank of our strategy is open, constructive and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders.


Engagement initiatives

Our approach to transparency and dialogue is embodied in the initiatives we put in place to engage with our stakeholders during the year.

In 2022, with the aim of ensuring that CDP's new policy-driven approach is transparent and accountable, consultations on the policies the CDP Group is issuing were launched with sustainability experts and civic representatives.


Multi-Stakeholder Forum

The CDP Group's Multi-Stakeholder Forum is an event dedicated to listening to and engaging with stakeholders and society on the key issues for Italy's sustainable development.

The Figures from the 1st Forum:

  • over 320 stakeholders present, of which 167 took part in the groups
  • 15 newspapers present and more than 70 articles and interviews
  • over 150 mentions in social media posts by stakeholders
  • 5,000 live stream views
  • over 130 posts produced on the CDP social media channels
  • 9 thematic working groups

Dialogue with ESG rating agencies

Confirming its commitment to continuous improvement in ESG performance, in 2022 Moody's ESG rating of CDP's activities increased by 3 points compared to 2021, with a score of 67/100. This positioned it among the highest-rated companies, both with respect to the sector in which CDP operates (third out of twenty-two) and at European level (58th out of 1,625), placing it in the best category for its sustainability rating class (A1). With regard to the ISS score, CDP has a C− rating.


Local presence

In order to maintain and strengthen relations with our stakeholders, one of the cornerstones of our strategy is an extensive local presence and proximity to enterprises and public sector bodies throughout Italy. For this reason, we have invested in a network of operational contact points and the construction of new representative offices.

In additional to the institutional offices, to date the Group has 13 local offices and 15 information points (CDP Spaces); these host interactions with enterprises and local authorities and allow us to carry out activities to support authorities in a structured way with implementing investments linked to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

For more information on stakeholder dialogue, visit our Integrated Report

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