Inclusive and sustainable growth

Education, housing, health and culture are all elements of strategic social infrastructure for sustainability and the social cohesion of local areas and communities, since they can generate value, services and well-being over a long time span.

With this premise, the CDP Group acts both nationwide, thanks to direct loans, advisory activities and the management of public resources, and in partnership with local authorities, central government and banking foundations, as well as internally, through activities to value its own artistic and cultural heritage.  

In 2023, we supported activities for the construction, modernisation or redevelopment of 438 schools and health facilities, which made it possible, for example, to requalify 12,706 places for school students, through direct loans, while thanks to advisory activities, an additional 6,470 students benefitted from new school sites. We promote urban regeneration, and social and student housing initiatives through CDP Real Asset, with 1,173 beds for social housing projects and 15,632 beds for university students living away from home.

Another project has been the urban regeneration of the former “Olympic Village” in Turin to create residential units with 384 beds for students living away from home, temporary workers and city users, and the expansion of the Orthopaedic Centre - Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli in Bologna, to improve patient services and treatment.

Fondazione CDP is also fully committed, promoting initiatives targeting education, assistance and scientific research, and art and culture, with a particular nod to new generations.

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