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CDP RETI manages Snam, Italgas and Terna holdings to support the development of strategic infrastructure of the country in the gas and electricity sectors

CDP RETI is an investment vehicle established in October 2012 whose shares are owned by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Spa (59.1%); State Grid Europe Limited - SGEL (35%), a company owned by State Grid Corporation of China; and the remainder owned by Italian institutional investors (5.9%).

CDP RETI's mission is to manage the holdings in Snam (31.35%)*, Italgas (25.99%)* and TERNA (29.85%)* as a long-term investor with the aim to support the development of gas transport, regasification, storage and distribution as well as electricity transmission infrastructures.

Data as of 31.12.2023

Snam is leader in Europe in the construction and integrated management of natural gas infrastructure. The Company is active in natural gas transportation (Snam Rete Gas), storage (Stogit) and regasification (Gnl Italia). It manages the national gas transportation network.


Italgas is the leading natural gas distribution network operator in Italy and the third in Europe. Since November 2016, the Company is listed in the FTSE MIB index of the Italian stock exchange.

Terna is a large operator in electricity transmission grids. Through Terna Rete Italia, the Company safely manages the National Transmission Grid while, through Terna Plus, it manages new business opportunities and non traditional activities, also abroad.


Board of Directors (2021-2023)

  • Chairman: Giovanni Gorno Tempini
  • Chief Executive Officer: Dario Scannapieco
  • Directors: Sabrina Coletti, Yanli Liu, Qinjing Shen

Board of Statutory Auditors (2021-2023)

  • Chairman: Florinda Aliperta
  • Standing auditors:  Paola Dinale, Paolo Sebastiani
  • Alternates auditors: Samantha Gardin, Ugo Tribulato

Independent Auditors

  • Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.
Company data

CDP RETI società per azioni

  • Registered Office: Rome - via Goito, 4
  • Share Capital: € 161.514,00, fully paid up
  • Business Register of Rome: no. 12084871008
  • Registered with Chamber of Commerce of Rome: no. REA 1349016
  • Tax code: 12084871008
  • VAT number: no. 12084871008
Credit Rating

CDP RETI's rating is assigned by two of the main credit rating agencies:


  Rating Action
Rating Action
Long-Term Baa3 BBB
Outlook Stable Stable
Last publication 06/02/2024 14/12/2023


Press release
Date Press Download
25 October 2017 h. 18:06
Moody’s affirms ratings on CDP RETI
10 October 2017 h. 18:52
Fitch affirms ratings on CDP RETI
16 May 2017 h. 19:46
CDP Group: agreed the closing date and the purchase price for the transfer from CDP to CDP RETI of a 1.12% stake in Snam and a 0.97% stake in Italgas
12 April 2017 h. 18:13
CDP Group: transfer from CDP to CDP RETI of 1,12% of Snam and of 0,97% of Italgas approved
31 March 2017 h. 18:33
CDP RETI: Board of Directors approves the consolidated financial statements and the separate financial statements for 2016

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