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The  National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) is the package of investments and reforms prepared by the Italian government as part of “Next Generation EU”, the programme established by the European Union to help member states recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, with resources to be deployed in the 2021–2026 period to build a more green, digital and resilient Europe.

The Plan represents a unique opportunity for Italy: resources for accelerating the ecological and digital transition, improving the training of male and female workers and achieving greater gender, territorial and generational equity. The NRRP aims to foster more robust, sustainable and inclusive economic growth in this way, through European funds amounting to €191.5 billion, on top of €30.6 billion funded by the Italian state through the National Complementary Plan.

The CDP Group is using its technical and financial expertise to support the NRRP, to facilitate access to the funds allocated and the implementation of projects.

Three strategic directions shared at European level

transition and innovation

Increasing productivity, innovation and employment by ensuring wider access to education and fully sharing the benefits of digitalisation.


Constructing a new socio-economic model by mobilising resources for decarbonisation, the circular economy, and the protection of ecosystems.

Social inclusion and redressing geographical disparities

Addressing social and employment challenges, overcoming economic and social disparities, strengthening both competitiveness and essential services.


The missions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Digitalisation, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism

A digital revolution for a simpler public sector, a more competitive production sector and greater investment in tourism and culture. €40.29 billion are dedicated to this mission.

The green revolution and ecological transition

Promoting the circular economy, developing renewable energy sources and making agriculture more sustainable. €59.46 billion are dedicated to this mission.

Infrastructure for sustainable mobility

Building more modern and sustainable roads, railways, ports and airports throughout the country within five years. €25.40 billion are dedicated to this mission.

Education and research

Putting young people at the centre, guaranteeing the right to education, digital skills and the abilities needed to meet the challenges of the future. €30.88 billion are dedicated to this mission.

Inclusion and cohesion

Improving training and active labour-market policies, eliminating social, economic and geographical inequalities, supporting female entrepreneurship. €19.85 billion are dedicated to this mission. 


Improving the National Health System to make structures more modern, digital and inclusive, strengthening prevention, local services and research. €15.63 billion are dedicated to this mission. 

CDP acts in three areas:

Direct management of funds

Technical assistance

Financing and other initiatives

Notices, calls to tender, initiatives

Find out about the NRRP opportunities and incentives managed in cooperation with CDP.

  • NRRP/NCF Project Loan to prepare project documentation for investments under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan or the National Complementary Fund.
  • NRRP/CNP Investment Loan to finance investments included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan or in the Complementary National Plan, in order to facilitate their start and completion.