Redevelopment Grants | CDP

Building Bonuses

We can help your company with building renovation and energy efficiency projects by providing accrued tax credits

Who are they for?

Small, medium-sized and large Italian companies operating mainly in the construction, energy and related sectors.

How they work

We support company to start building renovation and energy efficiency projects that qualify for tax benefits. We also help them obtain liquidity faster than required by legislation, by liquidating accrued tax credits, in line with the measures set out in articles 119 and 121 of the Relaunch Decree (n.34 of 2020).

Funding is available through:

  • Transfer of Tax Credits: We support your company, regardless of size, by purchasing tax credits accrued on building renovation and energy efficiency projects, taking advantage of CDPs fiscal capacity. This is done using a dedicated portal and with legal, fiscal and technical support from technical advisors selected by CDP.

CDP will work with financial partners across the country to ensure widespread coverage and facilitate access to the product. These include banks and Confidi Vigilati (supervised credit consortia) pursuant to Article 106 of the Consolidated Banking Act (TUB), who will promote the CDP product and support businesses with their applications to transfer tax credits to CDP. 


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