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Enhancement of Architecture and Rural Landscape

NRRP Public Notice



The Public Notice with NRRP resources for the protection and enhancement of architecture and rural landscape is aimed at preserving and enhancing rural and historical landscapes, through the protection of tangible and intangible cultural assets, and promoting initiatives and activities related to their sustainable use for tourism and culture, assigning value to local traditions and culture.

Who it is aimed at

Natural persons and private profit and non-profit entities with ownership of the property dating prior to 31.12.2020 can apply.

The owners, possessors or holders of the property must undertake to continue the activity object of the intervention for a duration of at least 5 years from the conclusion of the intervention.

The buildings defined as rural architectures must have the declaration of cultural interest in line with the corresponding ministerial decree (pursuant to Decree Law no. 42/2004) or must have been built more than 70 years ago and be registered or classified by regional and municipal territorial and urban planning instruments (pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 5).

How it works

The budget foreseen is 590 million euros, to be funded by NRRP resources. The non-repayable resources are assigned according to a regional basis distribution:

  • up to 80% of the eligible expenses, up to a maximum of € 150,000 per eligible party
  • up to 100% of the eligible expenses, up to a maximum of 150 thousand euros per eligible party, if the property is the subject of a declaration of cultural interest in line with a corresponding ministerial decree pursuant to Decree Law no. 42/2004

The interventions will focus on material works, in particular:

  • Conservative rehabilitation and functional recovery of typical elements of architecture and rural landscape
  • Rural landscape maintenance interventions
  • Preparation of spaces to be used for small social and environmental tourist services (accommodation excluded)
Focus on priority interventions

Interventions considered as priorities pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 9:

  • assets located in territorial areas of high landscape value;
  • extended area projects (i.e. projects that aggregate more than 3 applications on neighbouring areas);
  • projects that create synergies with other enhancement initiatives that have applied for NRRP resources;
  • projects that promote landscape redevelopment as a tool for combatting social degradation;
  • other areas identified by the Regions.
Eligible expenses

The eligible expenses are:

  1. expenses for the execution of works or for the purchase of goods / services, including technical plants;
  2. expenses for the acquisition of authorisations, opinions, clearances and other deeds of consent from the competent administrations;
  3. technical costs of design, construction management, safety coordination and testing, intellectual property, up to a maximum limit of 10%;
  4. unforeseen events (if included in the economic framework);
  5. connections, surveys and technical assessments;
  6. expenses for equipment, plants and capital goods;
  7. expenses for setting up the spaces.

How to apply

Select your Region, download the announcement and fill out the application*.
* list being updated