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Transfer of Tax Credits

We buy your tax credits from building renovation and energy efficiency projects for the quick recovery of tax credits

Who is it for

Small, medium and large Italian companies operating mainly in the construction, energy and related sectors, which meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • ratio of any Net Losses to Equity less than 50%;
  • ratio in the Central Credit Register between any Cash and Loaned Overruns Total less than 20%;
  • "non-impaired exposure" (expired, unlikely to pay, bad debts) with the proposing intermediary;
  • absence of bad debts in the Central Credit Register.

How it works

On the basis of the measures set out in articles 119 and 121 of the Relaunch Decree (No. 34 of 2020), we support your company by acquiring the tax credits accrued from building renovation and energy efficiency projects that are eligible for tax benefits, where payment is made using "invoice discounts".

CDP will acquire your tax credits and allow you to recover their liquidity more quickly than required by the legislation, paying the consideration indicated on the basis of the nominal amount of the tax credit in one single payment.

Building renovation projects fall into one or more of the categories eligible under articles 119 and 121 of the Relaunch Decree No. 34/2020, including:

  • installation of solar photovoltaic systems
  • installation of vehicle charging stations
  • restoration of building stock
  • replacement of heating systems
  • implementation of seismic resilience measures
  • renovation or restoration work on the façades of existing buildings - including thermal insulation and cleaning or painting the exterior

Transfer your Tax Credit in 3 steps

Transfer Application

Apply for the credit transfer using CDP's dedicated online portal:

  • if you are an SME, you can contact one of the accredited financial intermediaries with any questions or for assistance. Specifically, the intermediary will support you in the filling out your transfer application and in collecting and uploading the necessary documentation to the dedicated online portal
  • if you are a medium or large company you can contact your reference CDP manager with any questions and for assistance, and you can submit your transfer application and upload all the necessary documentation on the dedicated online portal


Technical and Fiscal Due Diligence

A CDP pre-qualified technical advisor selected by CDP will carry out the prior technical, legal and tax checks for the assignment of your tax credits to CDP.

Contract and credit transfer

Following a positive assessment by the Advisor, you will be able to enter into a contract with CDP, to sell your tax credits and receive the relevant liquidity.

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