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Transfer of Tax Credits

We buy your tax credits from building renovation and energy efficiency projects for the quick recovery of tax credits

CDP Group has put in place extraordinary measures through this product to support businesses due to the Covid-19 emergency.

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Who is it for?

Small, medium-sized and large Italian companies operating mainly in the construction, energy and related sectors.

Who is it for?

We support your company by acquiring the tax credits accrued from building renovation and energy efficiency projects that are eligible for tax benefits, where payment is made using "invoice discounts". Liquidity is provided in a shorter time than stipulated by the legislation, by liquidating the accrued tax credits, in accordance with the measures set out in Articles 119 and 121 of the Relaunch Decree (No. 34 of 2020).

CDP will purchase the credits in a single transaction and will pay the amount indicated based on the nominal amount of the tax credit.

The credit transfer can be carried out using a dedicated portal, with legal, fiscal and technical support from external advisors.

You can use the platform to:

  • make the credit transfer request;
  • collect and send the necessary documentation (e.g. conformity certificate) digitally, so that the credits can be evaluated;
  • monitor and receive assistance during all stages of the process.

The credit will be transferred if the evaluation is positive and the credit is already in your tax box.

Building renovation projects fall into one or more of the categories eligible under Articles 119 and 121 of the Relaunch Decree No. 34/2020, including:

  • installation of solar photovoltaic systems;
  • installation of vehicle charging stations;
  • restoration of building stock;
  • replacement of heating systems;
  • implementation of seismic resilience measures;
  • renovation or restoration work on the façades of existing buildings - including thermal insulation and cleaning or painting the exterior

CDP will work with financial partners across the country to ensure widespread coverage and facilitate access to the product. These include banks and Confidi Vigilati (supervised credit consortia) pursuant to Article 106 of the Consolidated Banking Act (TUB), who will promote the CDP product and support businesses with their applications to transfer tax credits to CDP.

See the list of accredited intermediaries.


Transfer your Tax Credit in 3 steps

Transfer Request

Apply for the credit transfer using CDP's dedicated digital portal:

  • If you are a Medium-sized or Large company, you can contact your relevant manager;
  • If you are an SME, contact your nearest intermediary.

See the list of accredited intermediaries.

Technical and Fiscal Due Diligence

In the digital portal, you can choose one of CDP's pre-qualified technical advisors to carry out the required technical, legal and tax checks necessary for CDP to acquire your tax credits.

Contract and credit transfer

Following a positive assessment by the Advisor, you will be able to enter into a contract with CDP, to sell your tax credits and receive the relevant liquidity.

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