The Art of the Brick: Superheroes and Lego at Palazzo degli Esami

The historic building, owned by CDP Investimenti SGR, hosts the exhibition by artist Nathan Sawaya. Lego-brick sculptures celebrate heroes loved by adults and children

Rome December 27, 2017

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Joker are the most beloved comic book characters brought to life as Lego-brick sculptures in Rome at the Palazzo degli Esami. The historic building, owned by CDP Investimenti Sgr, hosts the exhibition “The Art of the Brick” through 28 January, presenting an explosion of fantasy, colors, art and adventure. The combination of superhero strength and the endless potential of Lego bricks rewards fans with fun and entertainment. The show is an example of the fusion between real estate valuation and culture, promoted by the CDP Group as a privileged way to return vital life to Italy’s historical buildings acquired over time by CDP Investimenti SGR.

American Sawaya arrived in Italy after visiting 75 cities and 6 continents. In addition to artistic endeavors, he is a lawyer. He has created of over 120 original works by using only Lego standard bricks for sculptures like a life-sized Batmobile, built with half a million Lego bricks. Palazzo degli Esami becomes a real Gotham City by playing host to heroes loved by adults and children alike, characters that come alive thanks to the art of Sawaya and LiveTree - Italian curator of the exhibition - in a dynamism of shapes and colors.

After exhibitions dedicated to Marylin Monroe and Van Gogh, the historic structure in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood hosts yet another event capable of involve the visitors. The exhibition The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes is further evidence of the commitment of CDP to the revitalization of Italian real estate assets through the promotion of successful cultural initiatives.