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Supply chain

We help consolidate your company's network of commercial partnerships, promoting shared growth paths and strengthening the socio-economic and entrepreneurial fabric of the regions in which we operate.

Who are they for?

Medium-sized and large companies that are part of your network of business partnerships in developing countries.


How it works

We support the sustainable growth of the supply chain in which your company operates, through loans and other financial instruments that promote the development of local projects by your key business partners.

We focus on two main types of business partners active in your supply chain, so you can rely on a strong local industrial network for the expansion of your business:

  • suppliers of goods and services: we finance the investment projects of your key suppliers in developing countries, helping them to expand their production capacity and local operations sustainably. With our support, you can develop new cooperation opportunities with partner companies and strengthen your company's supply capacity;
  • buyers: we finance the investment projects of your company’s clients. Our financial instruments can enable your partners to set up new production sites, as well as to grow their business volume.

Our intervention promotes the creation of an integrated supply chain and value chain that your company can rely on. As the Italian Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, we focus our efforts on high-impact projects, assisting companies in their search for sustainable supply and distribution chains.

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