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We offer free technical and financial advice for the planning, design and construction of sustainable and innovative school buildings suitable for promoting new teaching models.

Who it is intended for

Regions, Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities, Provinces and Autonomous Provinces

How it works

We offer free technical and financial advice for the planning, design and implementation of individual or aggregated school building works that involve significant investment for the region. To help create sustainable and innovative school buildings, which are suitable for new teaching models, a Project Manager and a dedicated internal team will support your Administration at all stages of project development, assisted by external specialists.

What CDP can do

1. Planning

  • Support in assessing the state of school buildings.
  • Assist in carrying out of service tenders for seismic vulnerability investigations and determining work priorities.
  • Preliminary feasibility analysis for using a PPP contract (risk matrix, sustainability for the PA, potential financiability etc.) for large-scale initiatives, typically through the aggregation of different school complexes.

2. Design

  • Definition of the most suitable models, possibly even considering the use of Design Competitions
  • Preparation of tender documentation for awarding the PFTE, PD/PE*.
  • Support/direction during the execution phase of the PFTE,PD,PE.
  • Identification of innovative teaching methodologies and functional spaces, through collaboration with leading institutions operating in the sector.

3. Awarding Contracts


  • Identification of the most effective tender type, evaluation of aggregating multiple school building projects into a single contract or dividing them into batches, to accelerate the timing of awarding contracts.
  • Defining the participant qualification criteria
  • dentification of elements and preparation of the tender documentation (contract, specifications, etc.).
  • In the case of PPP contracts, support for the economic-financial aspects, risk-sharing and financial aspects related to the identification of schemes that enable the aggregation of large concessions.

4. Implementation

  • Technical support activities at RUP.
  • Monitoring and assistance during the execution phase of the contract.
  • Support for the identification and preparation of tools to monitor and quickly resolve any critical issues.

How to apply

Write to

* PFTE: Technical and economic feasibility project, PD: Final project, PE: Executive project.

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