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Revolving Fund (FRI)

We offer subsidised loans, together with the banking system, to support companies and investments in research

Who’s it for?

Companies of all sizes, which the relevant Ministries or Regions consider eligible for FRI Funding and which invest in the following sectors: research & development; technological innovation; industry; tourism, trade; crafts; agriculture; services.

How does it work?

CDP provides medium-long-term finance, pooled with the banking system, for the entities who make investments, eligible for public subsidies on the various measures, at favourable economic conditions. The subsidised financing normally covers 50% of the loan, reaching a maximum value of 90% for research, development and innovation programmes.

TOTAL AMOUNT: 6 billion euros (national measures) and 1.75 billion euros (regional measures).

Form of financing: The entity eligible for the loan (i.e. beneficiary subject) enters into a single loan contract, composed of a quota granted by CDP at a subsidised rate, and a quota granted by a bank at the market rate. An assessment of the creditworthiness of the initiative is carried out by the bank and by CDP, for their respective parts of the loan.

Duration: The duration of the funding, as defined by the specific measure, cannot exceed 15 years, including the pre-amortisation period (maximum 4 years). The repayment plan is in six-monthly, with constant, deferred instalments, due on 30th June and 31st December of each year.

Rate: On national measures that are currently active, the minimum subsidised rate applied by CDP, in relation to individual tax relief measures, is set at 0.50% nominal per year for some tenders and 0.80% for others; the rate for the bank’s portion is agreed between the beneficiary and the bank, taking trends in market rates into consideration.On regional measures, loans at the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) rate may be applied by CDP, with a contribution to the interest, made by each Region.

How to apply

At the lending banks participating in the scheme and the Ministries (MiSE and MiPAAF) or with Regions granting the FRI (Campania Region).

For the list of participating banks, visit the website dedicated to the individual subsidies (Social Business Fund, Sustainable Growth Fund, Supply Chain and District Contracts, SFIN Campania).

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