Rinegoziazioni Mutui MEF | CDP

Renegotiation MEF loans

We allow local authorities to free up resources for interventions in the territory

Who it is aimed at

Municipalities, Provinces and Metropolitan Cities

What loans can be renegotiated?
Loans in the name of the above entities may be renegotiated if they have the characteristics indicated in subsection 962, Article 1 of Law 145 of 30 December 2018 (Budget Law 2019). The list of potentially renegotiable loans can be found on the MEF website as well as on this page

How this works
With the Renegotiation, the entities, in accordance with the provisions of the MEF Decree, will benefit from a reduction in the fixed interest rate, determined on the basis of the prices of the Multi-year Treasury Bonds, and the related loan instalments.

Where to request it
The entities will be able to join the renegotiation from 25 September to 23 October 2019, accessing the Local Authorities and PA Portal.

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