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Refinancing Loan (PRIF) - Regions

We can provide an additional loan for more efficient active management of your financial debt.

Who is it for

Regions and Autonomous Provinces (CDP Circular No 1298/2019).

How this works

Pursuant to Art. 41, paragraph 2, of Law No. 448/2001 ("Art. 41"), the PRIF allows your Entity to pay off mortgage loans contracted after 31 December 1996 ("Original Mortgage Loans"), with banking and financial intermediaries other than CDP or with other authorised subjects, exclusively allocated:

  • to the finance of investments identified pursuant to Art. 3, paragraphs 18 and 19, of the Law of 24 December 2003, No. 350 (hereinafter "Investments"); or
  • o the conversion pursuant to Art. 41 of previous mortgage loans intended for investment financing.

The amount of each PRIF, which may be granted by CDP until 31 December 2020, may not be less than 5 million euros and must exclusively be used to refinance the residual debt of the Original Mortgage Loan, or a portion thereof, in being at the pre-selected early repayment date, in compliance with the conditions of Art. 41.
Each PRIF can be used for the conversion of a single Original Mortgage Loan.
The Entity can finalise the conversion on condition that a declaration by the financial service Manager of compliance with the conditions referred to in Art. 41 is sent to CDP, at least 5 days before the date of early repayment of the Original Mortgage Loan (coinciding with the date of disbursement of the PRIF).
For full details about PRIFs please see CDP Circular No. 1297/2019

How to apply

Send the loan application by certified email (PEC) to CDP, at, with the documentation specified in the appropriate PRIF section of the local authorities and public administration reserved area.

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