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PagoPA and IO platforms

Strategic projects

The pagoPA and IO platforms are integrated products that allow you to dialogue with citizens, send them different types of communications, payment alerts and receive payments from them with a single click.

Who they are aimed at

pagoPA is aimed at all Public Administration bodies, managers of public services and all companies under public control.
IO is aimed at the entire Public Administration.

How they work

pagoPA simplifies electronic payments to the Public Administration by making them more secure and transparent. It is a mandatory payment system and subject to a penalty for non-membership.

IO is the public services app, which makes a single channel available to all public authorities through which to offer their services and convey all communications to the citizen, in a simple and secure way, directly on smartphones.

pagoPA and IO are integrated products through which it is possible to maintain a dialogue with citizens, send them different types of communications, payment notices and receive payments from them with a click.


What CDP can do

CDP can provide all the necessary tools for joining and activation of services such as (i) the organisation of dedicated meetings and events where it will be possible to meet a PagoPA specialist (who can offer answers to questions and study the best technical solutions for integration) and any necessary suppliers and (ii) an adequate information set (e.g. through the CDP website).

How to request them

Joining pagoPA and IO is quick and easy, just download an online form, fill it in and send it in signed. The activation of both platforms requires the integration of the Entities' services to the respective systems (pagoPA or IO), which can be carried out independently or through an intermediary. An account of the PagoPA structure, with which you can get in touch through the CDP network, will be able to clarify any doubts about technological integration.

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