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Who it is addressed to

All the Public Administrations included on the ISTAT List, which are part of the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Public Administration, for example, Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces, Mountain Communities, Island Communities, Union of Municipalities, Consortiums in which local authorities participate (excluding those that manage activities with economic and entrepreneurial importance).

How it works

Technical assistance is offered on a national scale through the “VOL” (online valuation) application within the process of recognition and registering of available and unavailable real estate assets owned by public administrations.

This process is mainly aimed at the technical/administrative regularisation phase (change of use) or at its valuation (sale, income generation, exchange, etc.) and is aimed at making the property attractive to the market.

The bilingual portal "Patrimoniopubblicoitalia", which is intended to contain the buildings accompanied by the real estate dossier and the calls for tenders relating to assets held for sale, also provides ample visibility of the assets and their characteristics.

Where to request it

The VOL application is accessible from this link

Once the registration phase has been completed and the credentials have been obtained, you can start operating within the VOL application by following the instructions in the Operating Guide and using the online help.

The “Patrimoniopubblicoitalia” portal is accessible from this link

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