Fondo MIT per la progettazione degli Enti Locali | CDP

MIT fund for Local Authority planning

We provide support and technical assistance to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, relating to the use of state resources from the local authority planning Fund, based on a special agreement signed between CDP and MIT

Who’s it for

Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces

How does it work?

For the three year period from 2018-2020, the state resources allocated from the Local Authority planning Fund are intended to co-finance the drafting of technical and economic feasibilities for the projects and for the final Local Authority projects for work to improve the safety of public buildings and facilities.

Further details are available on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport web site.

How to apply (from July 1st)

Apply online on CDP web site and select the "MIT Project Fund" link.

For individual Municipalities to access through the Municipality Union that they are a member of, to correctly register on the CDP web site is necessary to specifiy the information outlined and compiled as in the annex form.

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